1896 Shand & Mason Steamer "Battenberg/Devonshire"


1896 Shand And Mason Steamer "Battenburg/Devonshire"

• 350 Imperial gallon steam fire engine built by Shand and Mason in 1896 for the Halifax Dockyard. In 1908 the Dockyard handed it over to the City in exchange for having the City wire a Gamewell Alarm Box with an Auxilliary pull box. 


• Overhauled at a cost of $65.20, it was stationed at the Morris St (University Ave) station. 


• On July 20th, 1917, at the recommendation of city Controllers, the name was changed from "Battenburg" to "Devonshire" for unknown reasons. This was during WW1 so the fact that it was a German name may have been the issue

• Taken from The Evening Mail, March 24, 1908, page 6:

          A test was made this morning of the Shand and Mason engine recentiy acquired by the city from the government.

The authorities handed it over to the city on condition that two fire alarm boxes should be maintained at the dockyard gates, the government to furnish the boxes.

The 1,500 feet of hose recently purchased by the government has also been placed in charge of the city, though it will be left at the dockyard.

The engine handed over to the city is a handy little machine, needing only good care to be suitable for efficient fire fighting service.

Tne overhauling has been made by the men of the city department, at the Central engine house and the engine is now in first class condition.

The engine is about the same weight and size as a chemical engine. capable of throwing 3,500 imperial gallons of water per minute,

It has a compartment in which coal for a long stretch of service can be carried. On top of the coal box is seating room for four men.It will be seen that the engine is very suitable for work in the suburbs.

This morning at ten o'clock the engine was taken to the corner of Sackville and Brunswick streets. Two lines of hose, each. 200 feet in length, were laid and a test was made. When steam was raised a good stream was thrown. he natural pressure at the bydrant was about 20 pounds.

Chairman Johnson, Chief Broderick, Clerk of Firewards Monahan, Ald. Archibald, Ald. Campbell and others were present at the test.

The engine will be taken to Morris street engine house, where it will be repainted.

Three old engines are now available for auxiliary work.

Two are nearly half a century old and one is almost 10 years old.

One engine will be kept in reserved. Another may be sold to

the Board of Works for use in pumpIng out sewers, etc.

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