1827 Hand Pumped Fire Engine Donated to Halifax

Historical period: Fire Insurance Companies

1827 Hand Pumped Fire Engine Donated to Halifax

A fire engine that had been ordered in November 1826 by the Halifax Fire Insurance Company, arrived from London on September 22, 1827, by the brig Sincapore. The Firewards took possession of the new engine at the wharf on (Halifax Firewards meeting minutes 1804-1835). Three weeks later, at the October 16th meeting, the Union Engine Company received a letter dated October 11th from the Firewards letting them know that this new engine had now been assigned to them, which occasioned a renumbering of the engines (Union Fire Engine Company fonds 1826-1835): 


The Halifax Fire Insurance Company have imported, and presented to the Firewards on behalf of the Town, a new and powerful Engine. I'm consigning her to be case of the Engine Company, I have to communicate to you the wishes of the Firewards which is, that the number of the Engines be alter'd and that the new Engine being of greater power than the rest be number'd One, the former No. 1 to No. 2, No.2 to No. 3 and No. 3 to be No. 4, the old Engine No. 4 to be cleaned and taken in some proper place and laid aside for the present time.


The Firewards, wishing to thank the Halifax Insurance Company publicly, had a note published in the Acadian Recorder, in which they added: “this brings to their remembrance that the sum of two hundred pounds was appropriated by that company, toward the completion of a Tank or Reservoir of water for the use of the town in case of fire” (Nova Scotia Archives 1827). The insurance company not only provided a new engine, but also donated £200.00 to the town of Halifax. At the same meeting, the evening “being election night for the choice of officers,” James Dechman was re-elected captain; Dave Hutton was re-elected lieutenant of Division 1, and James Smith was re-elected lieutenant of Division 2. George Little, was elected lieutenant of Division 3, replacing James Murphy, while Michael Byron was re-elected lieutenant of Division 4. They also admitted a new member, John Harvey, and later, on November 20, 1827, John Harvey and Samuel Carter, respectively (Nova Scotia Archives 1826-1835).

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