Brunt, William

Time of service: 1876 - 1917

LODD: Dec. 6, 1917

Final rank: Deputy Fire Chief

Associated company: Halifax Fire Department

William Brunt
Halifax Fire Department
Badge #
Brunt was transferred to No. 2 Steam Fire Engine in December of 1901. On February 9, 1904, he was promoted from Captain of No. 2 Steam Fire Engine to District Chief.

Deputy Fire Chief William Brunt died on December 6, 1917, when the munitions ship Mont Blanc exploded in front of Pier 6 in Halifax Harbour. Deputy Fire Chief Brunt was responding with Fire Chief Edward P. Condon in the department's 1911 McLaughlin Roadster, from Brunswick Street, to the dockyard alarm (Box 83) at the corner of Roome Street and Campbell Road (now Barrington Street), as the Mont-Blanc was slowly drifting toward Pier 6.

When the ship exploded, Deputy Fire Chief Brunt was killed immediately.

Deputy Fire Chief Brunt lived on Creighton Street, at number  123. He was 41 years old and married when he died. He was a full-time deputy fire chief with the Halifax Fire Department. The cause of death was listed as: “Shock due to injuries from explosion”.


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