1817 Citizen Compensations

Historical period: The Union Engine Company

As per the regulations of 1752 (still in force at the time), Firewards were empowered to give direction for pulling down or blowing up any such house or houses, as shall be by them adjudged meet to be pulled down or blown up, for the stopping and preventing the further spreading of the Fire. And if it shall so happen that the pulling down or blowing up of any such house or houses by the Direction aforesaid shall be the occasion of stopping the said Fire, or that the said Fire shall stop before it come[s] to the same, that then all and every owner of such house or houses shall receive reasonable satisfaction and be paid for the same by the rest of the Inhabitants of the said Town and Suburbs (to be accounted from the River called Fresh Water River to Mr. Mauger's Distillery house inclusive) whose house shall not be burnt at such Rate or Rates as shall be thought just (in proportion to the value of the Houses that are to be taxed) by the Justices of the said Town and County, in court assembled at their next Quarterly Sessions - the said tax to be levied, in case of non payment (sic), by Warrant of Distress from the said Justices, and for want of sufficient Distress the offender suffer one month Imprisonment.

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