Council minutes of September 25, 1843:   "[...] Whereas the necessity of procuring a new Engine in the place of No.3 disposed of, is … [read more...]

1854 Piano Box Engine "Alma"                      • Known as "Engine… [read more...]

The Halifax Fire Historical Society (HFHS) was created in order to retrace some of the lost or little known Halifax Fire Department history, through … [read more...]

1879 Hose Carriage "Alert"             • Used as hose supply for the 1861 steamer Victoria … [read more...]

Resolved that the board of Fire Wards be instructed to purchase a suitable ladder cart for the Axe Fire Company the cost of which shall not exceed $3… [read more...]

The chemical engines were essentially 30 gallon soda-acid extinguishers on wheels.  2 1/2 pounds of bicarbonate of soda was dissolved into 30 ga… [read more...]

1894 Chemical and Ladder Combination • Manufactured by Babcock Manufacturing Co.   The chemical engines were essentially 30 gallon… [read more...]

1896 Shand And Mason Steamer "Battenburg/Devonshire" • 350 Imperial gallon steam fire engine built by Shand and Mason in 1896 for t… [read more...]