Historical Events

A few days after Cornwallis arrived in Chebucto (Halifax) Harbour in June of 1749, two hand pumped fire engines were unloaded from his ship, the Sphy… [read more...]

1752 First Fire Regulations • On September 29, 1752 Edward Cornwallis' successor, Governor Peregrine Hopson, and his Council enacted the … [read more...]

1753 The Earliest Known Structure Fire • At the end of the summer, on September 1, 1753, the Royal Gazette (the only newspaper in circulation… [read more...]

• Formed on January 14, 1754. • More information can be found here.   [read more...]

The Fire Regulations of 1762   Or an ACT for appointing Firewards, ascertaining their Duty, and for punishing Thefts and Disorders at the … [read more...]

Empowering the Citizens of Halifax: The 1782 Amendment   • In 1782, the Legislative Assembly’s Act of 1762, entitled “an … [read more...]

1783 The Union Engine Company • In 1783, the Act entitled “an Act for appointing Firewards, ascertaining their Duties, and for punishin… [read more...]

A New Fire Engine (1784)   • In 1784, a letter was sent to the Governor by the justices of the Peace to request the purchase of a new… [read more...]

The Phœnix Fire-Company (1789-1853)   • This company was founded on January 29, 1789, one day exactly after the founding of the… [read more...]

The Hand in Hand Fire-Company (1789-1863)   • The Hand in Hand Fire-Company was founded on January 28, 1789, and the earliest set of … [read more...]

The Court House Fire (1789)                                 &n… [read more...]

• On Friday, August 17, 1792, seven buildings were destroyed by fire on Granville Street; it was described in terms that suggest the public view… [read more...]

The Governor’s Fire Company   • In the “Nova Scotia Calender” of 1794, an almanac published by Anthony Henry in Hal… [read more...]

1797 The Firewards for the Town of Halifax • In 1790, the Act of 1762 was amended for a fifth time, this time to increase in the number of Fi… [read more...]